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Walnut wood clock STORM

1 varianta
Wall clock made of old walnut wood and gray resin.


2 varianty
Wall clock POPLAR made of old poplar wood and azure blue resin.


If you pause your eye over the table for a moment, you will find that this table perfectly resembles the surface of the ocean with its drawing, and that is exactly what it is named after.

Table ROOT

This oak table impresses with its massive structure, which has been sprouting under the earth’s surface for years. Thanks to its appearance and dimensions, it will be the dominant feature of your home.

Walnut wood coffee table NATURAL Y

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The walnut wood coffee table NATURAL Y made of solid wood was created in a way that its natural appearance was preserved as much as possible and its distinctive pattern stood out.

Table Lamp RIVER III

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This table lamp catches your eye even when it’s not switched on. By combining epoxy resin and choosing a suitable piece and shape of pear wood, we made this lamp RIVER III for you.